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Wow, it has been forever since I have written anything on this, some jerks took that privilege away by posting hateful comment. But I will leave the vengeance to the Lord besides I’m sure they realized what there actions costed them by now. (more of that and where i have been another day). Look at that first day back I already got you hooked with a teaser.

Well let me start off with I live in Idaho. Yes, If your keeping track that is the fifth state I’ve lived in. However something tells me my family and I are here for quite awhile. Oh also to my readers who don’t know me personally we added a little one to our family. Ava Grace Hanson was born on December 23, 2010 sometime after or before lunch. I don’t remember I am a guy after all. Anyways a daughter is the best gift anyone could ever receive. I say daughter because don’t have a son so verdict is still out on that one. I also say gift because my wife and I recognize that heavenly father is the true giver and everything we have is a gift from above. Ok, now we’re getting to sentimental. But in all honesty God has blessed my family and yours I bet exponentially. The question is do we recognize it as his blessings?

A little more about our move and how God has been faithful to my family. Immediately upon arrival i had job interviews waiting for me which is practically unheard of in this economy.
I had numerous interviews and one that I had the job till they realized they made some clerical errors. I was bummed and frustrated, had been out of work for two weeks which isn’t long but felt like a lifetime for someone who loves to work. So after this job fell through to cheer me up. Shannon took me to artic circle and I was throwing myself a pity party I was inviting everyone to my pity party. But no one was interested in joining. Let me tell you here is how the lord works mysteriously. While in my sulking moments waiting in the drive through there was a sign that said allied mental health. Since I was trying to get into counseling and there was a number I called it. It was one those moments of a drunk text or just a moment you wish you could take back because you feel like a moron afterwards. Anyways I leave this desperation message sounding pathetic as ever because I called during my pity party. My wife said the message I left must of been 4 minutes long. We went to the park with our food and I continued to wallow. Next day I was having regrets about calling and was going to call back an apologize for calling in the first place (swingers moment rent movie swingers if don’t know what I’m talking about). As I was thinking bout calling them, phone rings. It’s them telling me to submit my resume. Long story short I work for allied mental health. It’s amazing how God uses what we believe our failures as part of his plan. Something to remember our failures are just another step in Gods plans because He never lets it end with failure.

Thinking about this move it is incredible how amazing God had blessed us. Here are just a few.

– we now live closer to family and the family we don’t live by was able to fly Shannon and ava out to see them.

– we have an awesome neighbor who helps teaches me how to fix things because I am not a real man:). Same neighbor invites us over for BBQ all the time.

– Shannon found a well connected mops (mother of preschoolers) group and has been invited out numerous time.

– we found a great church and small group that we connect with and our building relationships.

– rented a house sight unseen before rented and it actually is very functional.

– Chinese food galore only three blocks away as well as my work which is only 5 blocks away and many more.

It is truly incredible how God has provided a job that he uniquely gifted me for. Then again might not be incredible because God wants to bless us. The real question is do we let him? That’s a question I have been asking myself lately. Do i believe God truly want to bless us. Shallowly we say yes, but do we live like that? Or our we living as if we our on our own and God isn’t willing to participate in our lives. Or worse we feel we don’t need him. My friends God wants to bless us it may not look how we want it but nevertheless he wants to bless us daily. How many times do we wake up and we miss the fact that waking up each day is a blessing or being able to see or hear. Now I want you all to know that working as a chaplain taught me that. Nothing like being in a nursing home daily not knowing what the next day is going to look like but being ok with that, simply because residents trust and know who holds the next day. Our hope needs to be in Jesus the author and perfecter of our faith. Keep chasing after him. Remember Jesus set the example by showing us what love is.

In His Grips

Romans 6-8
6-8Christ arrives right on time to make this happen. He didn’t, and doesn’t, wait for us to get ready. He presented himself for this sacrificial death when we were far too weak and rebellious to do anything to get ourselves ready. And even if we hadn’t been so weak, we wouldn’t have known what to do anyway. We can understand someone dying for a person worth dying for, and we can understand how someone good and noble could inspire us to selfless sacrifice. But God put his love on the line for us by offering his Son in sacrificial death while we were of no use whatever to him.


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